If there's one thing most kids have done, it's taking their random action figures and fighting them against each other. That's the fun of toys—you can play out whatever scenes you want, and your only limitations are the toys you have. Want to pit Spider-Man against Godzilla? Do it.

Since most of us are grown up now, we've moved on to bigger and better things. Luckily the team at Bat in the Sun have refocused their energies into playing out these fantasies into live-action movies. One example—whether you've dreamed of it or not, you're likely going to want to see it if you were a fan of either Mortal Kombat or The Power Rangers—is the battle against Scorpion and the real White Ranger. If you're thrown off by our use of the word "real," to clarify: watch the video to the end to see.

Then check out their other videos, which include Batman versus Deadpool, and Wolverine versus Predator.

And the alternative ending to the White Ranger and Scorpion fight: