Titanfall has had its share of juicy leaks after the successful beta wrapped-up over the Valentine's Day weekend. This time though, gamers can take a top-down look at all 15 known maps for the game, including landmarks such as ziplines, titan-killing turrets and new modes of play to amp-up experience points.

Check out the gallery above from some highlights from 15 of Titanfall's maps. Angel City is pictured below as released on a NeoGAF thread. The complete map list is: Airbase, Angel City, Boneyard, Colony, Corporate, Demeter, Fracture, Lagoon, Nexus, Outpost 207, Overlook, Relic, Rise, Smuggler and Training Ground.

Some sweet new details include powered ziplines that allow pilots – without their hulking titans – to quickly travel in either direction to extent the aerial range of the rocket-powered pilot. Also revealed are heavily armored titan-killing turrets.

The reported final list of modes include: Attrition (deathmatch), Capture the Flag, Hardpoint Domination, Last Titan Standing, a brand new mode called Pilot Hunter, where players must track down and kill the agile parkour pilots.

Another revealed aspect of the game is a Call of Duty-style leveling system for player's characters called Generations. Players will be asked to allow technology to repair your body (check out the screenshot in the gallery above) at the expense of all your gathered experience points (XP) but will give your new augmented character the ability to gain XP at 110 percent. So players can restart the with the chance to level faster while keeping all your gathered burn cards, which act as perks and bonuses. This can be done multiple times, each time players can ramp-up XP at a greater rate.

Also included in the gallery is a bit of wildlife, these dinosaur-looking monsters will have some kind of effect on the game, attacking the players but its unknown just how Avatar this is going to get.

Check out the links below for more information on Titanfall including our hands-on. Can't contain your excitement? Head over to the Xbox.com countdown clock to release on Xbox One and Windows PC on March 11.

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