The New Jersey teen who sued her parents for scholastic, medical and legal fees after claiming that they were abusive is dropping the lawsuit.

Nearly a week after moving back into her parents' Lincoln Park home, 18-year-old Rachel Canning has elected to end the legal battle. Canning had previously accused her parents of kicking her out of their house, and criticized her weight and boyfriend. Her parents, Sean and Elizabeth Canning, say she ran away because they confronted her about breaking curfew, drinking, excessive partying, stealing from them and bullying her sibling. 

Rachel Canning had requested that her parents pay her $650 per week to cover her high school tuition, college deposit, medical fees and lawyer fees that her friend's father was paying for. However, Judge Peter Boggard denied her request, declaring that Canning's parents did not cross the line by disciplining their own daughter. 

Following Canning's decision to drop the suit, Boggard acknowledged that it was a "was a knowing and voluntary" move prior to dismissing it. Though Rachel Canning's attorney alleged that her mother pressured her to move back home, this ridiculous "family crisis" is officially over.

[via Gothamist]