As the saying goes, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." On a first date, if that impression is disastrous, you might not even make it to the second course. In order to help
both fellas and ladies navigate that crucial first meet-up, Complex has teamed up with "According to
Him and Her," a new show on BET that tackles some age-old (and new age) questions on romance,
from both the male and female perspective. What we came up with is a few things you should
absolutely be aware of on the big first date. So, pay close attention, if you want to get to date
number two.
No Talking About Exes – Particularly if you still may have feelings. The woman sitting across from you wants to think you only have eyes for her (and only ever did, and only ever will).

No Talking About How Much You Bank – A true big shot doesn’t have to brag about what he makes, he demonstrates it through his actions. A nice bottle of wine is much more effective than you babbling about your stock portfolio.

Be Nice to the Staff – Politeness is next to godliness on a first date, while belittling the staff just makes you look like an insecure chump. Oh, and remember to tip well, Scrooge McDuck.

Ask Before You Order – Perhaps some women like to have their meals ordered for them—but they’d still like to be consulted on what they actually want to eat first.

Don’t Presume – Hopefully she’ll invite you inside when you take her home, but don’t bet on it. Jumping the gun could set you way back.


No Comments About Height – Any remark like “Wow, we’re the same height!” or “My gosh, you’re so tall!” is gonna put any shorty or tall drink of water on his heels straight away.

Don’t Tell Him He’s “Such a Normal Guy” – Yes, he knows that you’re trying to compliment him. But where you think you’re saying “You seem genuine and nice,” he simply hears “You’re mad boring”.

Avoid Too Much Daddy Talk – Maybe you and your pops really are close, but if you talk about him too much, all your date’s gonna think is: “Uh-oh. Daddy issues.”

Offer to Split – If he’s a gentleman, he’ll say no, but it’s still a nice gesture.  Plus, this way you can find out right away if he’s a cheapskate.

Let Him Know Where He Stands – If you want to see him again, let him know. If you want him to kiss you, let me know. And if you’re out without a doubt, for the love of god, let a brother know.