Lars Von Trier's latest, Nympomaniac is, well, a Lars Von Trier movie, so it isn't exactly pleasant. That's not to say we aren't interested, though. His muse Charlotte Gainsbourg stars as the titular nympho who tells her story to middle-aged academic Stellan Skarsgaard after he finds her beaten and bloody in the street. Christian Slater apparently shits himself, Uma Thurman plans Gainsbourg's mother, and Shia LaBoeuf has a Cockney accent (god help us). 

The cast sat down for an interview to promote the movie, which is being released in two installments. The first comes out March 21; the second in April. Gainsbourg says she doesn't agree with anything that her character Joe says, but she can appreciate her suffering and her transformation.

Slater calls his first Von Trier movie a "special experience," which must be putting it mildly. Catch the full interview above.