Since its debut early last year, NBC’s Hannibal has been the premiere source for horror, suspense, and drama on network television. By bringing audiences pervasive gore and twisted plots every week, the show has pushed the limits of what is acceptable on TV, sometimes surpassing even the most shocking R-rated movies around. More impressively, though, Hannibal doesn’t just bring audiences gore for the sake of gore—it presents death and violence in surreal ways and provides striking visuals that are hard to forget.

The violence may be disgusting at times, but there's also an artistry behind it that's impossible to deny. Like sculptors or painters who work exclusively in the medium of death, Hannibal's killers and psychopaths are just as concerned with making a creative statement as they are with fulfilling their primal bloodlust.

With a new episode airing tonight at 10 p.m. EST, expect another example of this avant-garde gore (two words: human mural). To prepare yourself for the gorgeous carnage, check out the 10 most grotesquely beautiful images on Hannibal so far.

[GIFs via FuckYeahHannibal, NBC Hannibal]

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