Director: William Friedkin
Stars: Linda Blair, Ellen Burstyn, and Max von Sydow
Most blasphemous moment: Linda Blair masturbating with a cross

Sometimes for a movie to be considered a classic, it can’t be afraid to offend along the way. And while horror fans will quickly put The Exorcist on the genre's Mount Rushmore, others view it as a blasphemous piece of celluloid filth that mocks Catholicism and everything they hold dear.

The movie revolves around a priest who must exorcise a demon from a young girl named Regan. When The Exorcist first screened, even the most ardent atheist was likely shocked when a possessed Regan begins masturbating with a crucifix while screaming “Let Jesus fuck you!”

The Exorcist didn’t spark the types of protests and petitions that some of the other films on this list have, but it did show the world that there isn’t an orifice on the human body that should be occupied by a crucifix.