It’s widely known that Hollywood isn’t a town of virtue and piety, but for the most part the movie industry tends to stay away from controversy in hopes of creating films that people of all faiths can see. Sometimes, though, a writer and/or director will stray from the four-quadrant, focus-tested doldrums to craft a film specifically designed to make people uncomfortable, especially when it comes to religion.

Over the past few months, director Darren Aronofsky has experienced firsthand how creating a film based on the Bible can put you in hot water. His latest movie, Noah, has been protested and banned in markets worldwide because of its inaccurate depiction of the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark. While Hollywood has a history of controversial religious films making huge profits at the box office, other times the material is deemed so offensive that it causes a movie to become D.O.A. with audiences. 

The good news for Paramount is that Noah has already opened strong overseas, although it hasn’t been tracking like a record-breaker in the U.S. As we wait to see if Noah can stay afloat amongst a flood of criticism from religious groups, take a look at where it lands on our list of The 10 Most Blasphemous Movies in History.

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