Aside from from creating Metal Gear, Hideo Kojima is also vice president of Konami Digital Entertainment. But back in 1998 when the original Metal Gear Solid was released for the ps one, the expectations for Kojima's stealth revival were actually quite low. 

In an interview this week with Goeff Keighley on Twitch, the director admitted that no one at Konami really expected the now-legendary MGS to move many units.

"Neither I nor anyone else expected Metal Gear Solid to sell at all,"Kojima said during the q&a portion of the interview, addressing a question submitted by Duke Nukem co-creator George Brousasard. 

"So I was fortunate because I didn't have to think, ‘I have to sell this game this much,' so pretty much all I did was put in that game all the things I really like."

For anyone that's played the original MGS, it arguably set in motion Kojima's penchant for weird easter eggs and fourth wall-breaking antics, like psychic FOXHOUND villain Psycho Mantis reading the contents of your memory card or instructing the player in game to seek out a communication frequency by looking at the back of the game's physical box. Knowing that no one really expected the game to be a hit, the creative direction – not to mention the sensibility that Kojima has become known for –  just makes that much more sense.

[Via Polygon