You probably don't remember how to set up the quadratic equation, how long a senator's term is, or even where babies truly come from, but we can guarantee you know all the lyrics to three Smash Mouth songs. It's why karaoke is so popular and why '90s radio stations on Pandora are some of the most listened to: they make you feel better about your knowledge on one aspect of your life.

And you're not wrong, dude. Knowing these songs is awesome. If you're the DJ at a party and you throw on "Kiss Me," a girl is certainly going to take you home with her tonight to reenact a glasses-removal scene (and then probably a panty-removal). You'll never get laid for high SAT scores because there's no way to bring that up without looking like a tool. 

In honor of Above the Rim''s 20th anniversary—and that Warren G song "Regulate" that's now stuck in your head—these are all the best songs used in '90s movies. You're welcome. 

Written by Hope Schreiber (@HopeSchreiber)

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