Over the top subway dining is typically frowned upon, as it's poor etiquette to take up space and most people don't want to smell your food, anyway. However, this man somehow managed to make the practice acceptable. Perhaps it's the clutch tray table he's getting surgical on.

This classic, endlessly shareable photo was taken yesterday afternoon aboard a 6 train. The photographer, The Boombox editor Georgette Crine, described the scene to Gothamist:

I took the photo yesterday around 2:15 p.m. on the No. 6 train going uptown. I went one stop (from 51st St. to 59th St.), sat down at the end of the row of seats and heard this woman talk loudly and say, "I thought you were doing some art experiment." I turn and look in the direction of her voice and there is the "boss" eating on his table with a Fiji water and chopsticks. I had a bad day yesterday and had a great laugh when I saw this because I thought it was so amazing. The universe works in great ways to help you out sometimes.

It's the Fiji water, the chopsticks and the fact that the man actually had adequate space to enjoy his meal like a "boss" that make the image so amazing.

[via Gothamist]