A trio of Westchester, N.Y. high school students have been suspended for sending racist tweets after losing a basketball game to a rival school. 

According to Gothamist, the Feb. 27 contest between Mahopac High School and Mount Vernon High School was so intense that it led to fighting in the stands.The drama didn't end there, as Mahopac students began tweeting pictures of Confederate flags and racial slurs. 

When the tweets were traced back to the students, they were suspended. After denouncing their actions, school Superintendent Thomas Manko explained that the incident will be used as a much-need educational opportunity. "What they did was unacceptable," he told CBS New York, adding that "as an education institution, they will be reeducated that words do matter and there are some words you just don’t use."

However, it won't end there, either. Mount Vernon's interim school Superintendent Judith Johnson wants a full investigation, the Mahopac HIgh School basketball team suspended for a year and for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to recognize the incident as a "civil rights violation," as well as "racial harassment."

[via Gothamist and CBS New York]