So, your precious MacBook Pro has given you the blue screen of death. Since your Apple Care warranty has long expired, and you're short on money, you're also short on options. So what to do?

Ales Kocjancic wrote about a technique he used to fix his busted MacBook Pro on his blog. It's a play on what people have been doing to fix other computer devices for years: placing them in the oven. The method behind it is that some of the parts of the logic board may have been dislodged by the loosened solder that held them in place. By placing the logic board (the brains of your laptop) in the oven for seven minutes on 340 degrees Fahrenheit, those soldered parts will melt back into place, and harden back to the position they originally were in. When Ales did this with his laptop, it turned on after he pieced it back together. Though, it's worth noting that this might not be the best long term solution, but it might give you time to save up for your next laptop.


Ales says you'll need:

Willing to give it a try? Check out his blog post here