Growing up, were you deprived of having that infamous "sex talk" with your parents? You may have thought you dodged a super awkward conversation (you did.)  But that first conversation would be your first step into a world where you'd find yourself in situations that required instructions and practice.

Trial and error, people, trial and error.

One is the: "fuck, my girlfriend wants me to go down on her and I have no idea how."

Luckily, you can still avoid that humiliating situation and use the Lick app, an app that helps you practice giving head by providing licking exercises you can practice with your phone. Yeah, you heard right. Practice giving head by licking the screen of your smartphone.

Visit the app's website on your iPhone to start learning. But first, wrap it up. Your phone screen is most definitely dirtier than the shameless act you're about to commit.

Then choose the best tongue exercise to practice out of three. Or go nuts and do all three:

Don't feel ashamed about trying it. It's 2014 and this shit exists so why not use it to your disposal. Or have a girlfriend who won't mind teaching you. 

[via Jezebel]