Address: 1444 Wazee St. #115
When it opened: 2014
Bestseller: Blue Dream
Kush quality: Coma inducing.

This place is tucked away in this weird little office space in Lodo. It is definitely one of the most relaxed, comfortable spots in town. It is also strictly medical. The staff is super calm and helpful. (They even have a sweet dog named Charlie that you can pet.) The weed here is probably the most underrated in Denver. They are very serious about maintenance, and they have lots of purple nugs—even during warmer months, which is rare. I smoked half a joint and was too high to function. This is unheard of for your boy. When I was ready to move again, we went over to the market and picked up a turkey sandwich with gravy and mashed potatoes. I highly recommend both Lotus and turkey sandwiches.