Rumors (THAT WE CHOOSE TO BELIEVE OUT OF DESPERATE HOPE) of a Community movie have been common among fans of the show—especially considering Abed once said “six seasons and a movie,” and Community is currently in the midst of its fifth season. #Sixseasonsandamovie, guys! It's nearly here, so it's time to start making preparations. So, it's a good thing that, apparently, a director is already being considered to helm a feature length Community project. TV Guide reports that "insiders" say Justin Lin, the man who directed the last four Fast & Furious movies is a possibility for director.

Wait, what? Fast & Furious as cars and explosions and Tyrese Gibson?

Yep—and while it may be odd to think of Fast & Furious and Community fans overlapping in the middle of a Venn diagram, it actually isn't: Lin has directed three episodes of Community so far, including fan favorite, "Modern Warfare." So, it would actually be a natural fit.

Now, lets make this movie actually happen.

[via Uproxx]