French-American actress and screenwriter Julie Delpy claims that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' voting committee has been taken over by bored rich white men who can be easily bribed. 

Delpy's frustration comes after a lot of conversation regarding a recent infographic from the New York Film Academy that shows some of the reasons why gender inequality still lingers in Hollywood today. According to the infographic, the highest paid actress in 2013, Angelina Jolie, made $33 million, which was the equivalent to the two lowest ranked men on the list. Age was also mentioned as a determining factor for an actress' salary. 

The Oscar nominee vents about the AMPAS' voting panel in an interview with So Film Magazine by saying, "It's 90 percent white men over 70 who need money because they haven't done anything in a long time. You just need to give them two or three presents and they're in your pocket. It doesn't mean anything to me, so I don't really care if there are women in the selection process."

Delpy, co-star Ethan Hawke and director Richard Linklater are all nominated for Best Original Screenplay for their film, "Before Midnight." 

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