John McAfee, the founder of McAfee Antivirus software, has long since settled into a life away from the company that made him famous, and has gone full rebel without a cause. He's been living in Belize, but hackers, and others, have made him a target. This might explain his answers to The Setup, a website that likes to ask people about the software and hardware they use. Oh, you know... things like your iPad Mini or FitBit. But not McAfee.

Take for instance, his answer to "What Hardware Do You Use?"

My tools for national security consulting are primarily a semi-auto .22 rifle with a silencer. They are virtually completely silent and can pierce car doors and other light armor. They are perfect for urban environments.

My accessory tools are mostly extremely strong espresso and research chemicals from China that are classed as "Smart Drugs". They allow me to solve 2nd order partial differential equations in my head and to spontaneously create 4 dimensional images of software structures that I can mentally manipulate.

I also do my most productive security designs while having extended sex. I apologize if you think I am pulling your legs but, God's truth, these are the facts.

Well, dang.

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