Business magnate. Art collector. Sports agent. Hip-hop legend. These are just a few of the myriad titles your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper, Jay Z, already claims. It’s no secret that Jay’s portfolio is diverse. It’s indisputable that he’s a cultural icon and a tastemaker whose name rings bells from the streets of Bed-Stuy to the nation’s capital. Indeed, there seems to be no ceiling for Jigga's ambition, so what’s next on the quintessential hustler’s plate?

With the mid-term elections heating up soon—politicking on full blast, smear campaigns being devised in dark backrooms and de Blasio still questioning whether or not to move his family into Gracie Mansion—it's interesting to speculate who would make a strong candidate for future Mayor of New York City. The self-proclaimed “ambassador” isn't a far cry from reality. Let’s forget for a second Jay Z, the rapper and consider for a moment Shawn Carter, NYC’s Mayor-elect. Pipe dream? Maybe. But aren’t dreams the stuff this country is made of? 

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