If you’ve been bounding around Sucker Punch’s alternate reality Seattle in their new Infamous reboot Second Son, you may have noticed a number of anti-conduit awareness billboards put up around town by the totalitarian Department of Unified Protection. Simply mandating that denizens lend the militaristic government forces a hand, the billboards display a hotline number to call to offer assistance in bringing Seattle’s superpowered population under yoke.

As it turns out, you can all the number (1-844-HELP-DUP) in real life, which gives you a recording of the DUP’s director (and Second Son’s adversary) Brooke Augustine, who proceeds to deliver anti-conduit rhetoric in the context of the series’ overall narrative. Given that Second Son also has an augmented reality component, it’s cool to see that Sucker Punch has put the time in to really flesh out their vision of Seattle in interesting ways for players.

Anyway, for Infamous fans it’s a fun little easter egg, so if you’re interested try giving the number a call and doing your part.

[Via Gamespot]