Even though Beats and HTC had a bit of a break up last year, it looks like they're still keeping it cool when it comes to HTC's flagship phone.

Some youngin' out there recently uploaded an epically long 12-minute video "review" of the unreleased HTC One 2014 he was able to get his hands on. Though the original video was taken down, others were able to rip it and re-upload duplicates. In the video, we see that HTC and Beats kept the dual audio feature from the last model, and the kid in the video quickly bumps Soulja Boy to demo it. Though some of the buttons have moved, and a dual rear camera has been added, the functionality is essentially the same as the previous model. At least the kid gives the camera an 8.7 out of 10.

Unfortunately, he also makes it easy to identify who he is throughout the entire video, and he might be getting a strongly worded letter from HTC soon.

[via Droid Life]