This is one of the strangest things to come out in awhile.

Out of nowhere, this obviously fake company called HUVr drops an obviously fake commercial for their specialty product, unsurprisingly: a real hoverboard. They bring in Tony Hawk, Terrell Owens, Moby, and Christopher Lloyd, who played Doc Brown in Back to the Future, to promote the board from a random parking lot. The video goes on for four and a half minutes, and for something so clearly a joke, they never do or say anything funny, or let on that they're not being serious. Doc Brown even awkwardly tears up at the end (and I refer to him as Doc Brown because I doubt the actor Christopher Lloyd gives a shit about hoverboards.)

HUVr went so far as setting up a legit looking website, which includes a quote from "backer" Mark Cuban

Once in a rare while do you get the chance to be part of something this big. This is one of those times. I’ve never been so excited for a product I’ve invested in. This f**king thing is going to change the world!

Weird. There's a countdown to December 2014 (for what could be the product's launch) on the website—which is far too long to carry on a fake marketing campaign. We'll probably talk about this today and forget about it by tomorrow morning. Yet, the "company" set up Facebook and Instagram accounts that have already received thousands of followers. 

I hope T.O. was paid good for this.

UPDATE: We finally know who's behind the ad, and it's Funny or Die.