The Wall Street Journal reports that scientists are trying to genetically modify kiwis to remove their hairy outer coverings. The result could be a fruit that peels more easily and could be eaten quickly on-the-go . 

"The brown hair just sticks to everything even when you peel it off," says Penni Ward, who skins the fruit before she feeds it to her 5-year-old daughter Ava at their home in Auckland. A knife is usually required to pierce the fruit; then perhaps a spoon to scoop it out.

To save folks like Ward the trouble of using silverware to consume their food, Zespri, the world's largest kiwi manufacturer, is trying to re-imagine kiwis to compete with apples and oranges. Unfortunately, the company's attempts haven't yet paid off. 

So far, the kiwi sommeliers have rejected a variety of kiwi with an easy-peel pale gray skin, and a more appealing white fuzz-covered version that contained a vibrant emerald inner flesh. "It tastes vegetable-y—it's bland and lacks sugar," Mr. Kay decreed.

Though it remains to be seen if humans can remove the skin while maintaining the fruit's delicious taste and texture, there are plenty of other naturally hairless plants and animals to explore—like these little guys right here. 

[via Wall Street Journal and Gothamist]

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