Buffy the Vampire Slayer is generally regarded by everyone with good taste as one of the best television series of all time. Joss Whedon could go on to make ten more box office shattering superhero movies, and his most seminal, iconic work would remain the story of the plucky blond destined to fight evil in the midst of cramming for finals. Acclaimed critic Alan Sepinwall even dedicated a chapter of his book to explaining how and why the series (1997-2003) changed the landscape of TV as we know it today.

Part of that impact was delivered through groundbreaking, form-challenging episodes, regarded as classics today, like the silent episode "Hush," the musical "Once More, With Feeling" or the devastating hour when Buffy and co. deal with a very human death in "The Body." Throw those in with the show's highly celebrated season finales and other event episodes, and you've got a catalog other series would kill for. It's a feat no one expected this series to achieve when it debuted 17 years ago to the day as the TV spinoff of a forgotten, campy teen movie.

Of course, the side effect of having 144 episodes means for every fondly remembered hour like "The Zeppo," there are dozens that become forgotten with each passing year. Episodes that, while maybe not as transcendent, still found the writers room and cast firing on all cylinders. On the anniversary of Buffy's premiere, here are a handful of episodes we feel are underrated and overshadowed: The 15 Greatest Buffy Episodes That Nobody Talks About.

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