Just yesterday, Warner Bros. released a poster for Godzilla focusing just on the creature’s mammoth tail. Now the studio has premiered a new poster with a better look at ‘Zilla’s massive upper body, courtesy of Coming Soon. While everything about this movie is looking stellar, we actually haven’t seen many clear shots of Godzilla yet, so this is easily the best sense of the creature’s massive scale we've gotten so far.

The marketing for this movie has mainly focused on Godzilla’s rampage through San Francisco, which will likely be the largest set piece in the film. We get a sense of that apocalyptic destruction here, and it’s just awe-inspiring. In an age where most movie posters are clumsily Photoshopped together over the course of an hour or two, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are putting art back into marketing campaigns.

Godzilla hits theaters on May 16.

[via Coming Soon]