Community fans mourned when Donald Glover left the show this season after appearing in only five episodes. However, when Glover revealed, through a series of cryptic notes, that his departure was more or less triggered by a desire to find himself, we understood—as sad as it is, it's a fair enough reason. Now, however, it seems like Glover might be returning to maybe he found whatever it is he was looking for?

Uproxx reports:

Donald Glover is participating in a “hackathon” next week at SXSW as Childish Gambino, and if you sign up for more information on his “The Deep Web Tour” website (which Glover tweeted), you’ll receive this email:

So is this news official? Not yet, but we're gonna celebrate this anyway. Troy and Abed in the Morning, season six!

UPDATE: Nevermind—looks like the email was fake:

The dream is over.

[via Uproxx/io9