Lest you actually thought Girls was a bit much sometimes in regards to sex scenes, know that we're actually all watching a watered down version of the show. Producer Judd Apatow recently visited Loyola Marymount University for a speaking engagement, during which time he told students that HBO told the show to cut back on some of the more risqué scenes.

"There have been things on Girls where HBO has said to us, 'If we put this on TV, we literally could lose our license to broadcast,' " Apatow said. "Let's just say it's something you see in adult film. Elements of sexual intercourse. The high points of sexual intercourse."

Honestly, considering all of the things we've seen on Girls—ejaculation, Gaby Hoffman's nether-region, a ton of butts and breasts—we thought it was safe to assume this was as raw as it gets.

Apatow also shared that the cast and crew are committed to doing six seasons of the show and has even discussed what a finale might be like. 

"We've talked about it. It makes you respect the ending of The Sopranos though. When you're part of a show and you think about, how do you end a series, the idea that you just stop and leave people there is so genius, it's such a great idea," Apatow said. "It's such a great way of saying, it doesn't matter. This is their life and now we're just going to leave them to it."

Check out Apatow's talk below.

[via Indiewire]

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