Two big Game of Thrones developments to take you through this Monday: One, according to Indiewire, showrunners of the series, David Benioff and Dan Weiss, have signed on through season six, meaning that the show is very likely to last at least that long (probably longer than that, really). This is great news, of course, since Benioff and Weiss are greatly responsible for translating the heart-wrenching, violent scenes from George R. R. Martin's books to the screen.

Secondly: Season four is set to premiere on HBO on April 6, and we're still getting more teasers in preparation! Yesterday, for instance, HBO released two more, both of which are ridiculously intense, and ridiculously awesome. KHALEESI. DRAGONS. BADASS SANSA. BADASS EVERYONE. AHH GAME OF THRONES IS BACK SOON.

Check out the clips below.

[via Indiewire]