After seeing multiple trailers, TV spots, and full clips, you’ve probably already made your mind up about whether or not you’re going to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 this May. That hasn’t stopped Sony from premiering yet another trailer for the film, showing off even more action and comic book villainy.

In this new trailer, we get a better look at Harry Osborn’s transformation into the Green Goblin, as well as a few new shots of what Paul Giamatti’s Rhino suit will look like. Other than that, this is mostly more of the same that has already been put out there. That being said, as we get closer to the release, the film’s special effects are becoming more polished and impressive, despite their overuse.

The biggest shame for longtime Spider-Man fans is that director Marc Webb is giving us yet another Goblin design that looks nothing like the comics. This series was supposed to be different than Sam Raimi’s trilogy, but this version of Harry’s Goblin looks more like the James Franco design than the classic Steve Ditko one. Hopefully a potential third movie can fix that. 

We’ll see if The Amazing Spider-Man 2 can overcome these issues when it hits theaters on May 2.

[via Sony]