It's been just over 18 years since the Coen Brothers' black comedy Fargo was in theaters, and in the time passed since then, Fargo has earned its keep as one of the most influential and significant movies of our time. Among the many accolades its seen, including being added to The National Film Registry, the best might be getting a spin-off on FX. Like, that National Film Registry thing is cool and all, but a spinoff...different folks, different strokes.

So, just how good will this spinoff be? FX has released a short trailer for their upcoming Fargo series to show us, and it hooks in all of the aspects from the source material—gloom, doom, wit, and accents.

This time around, the story takes place in Bemidji, Minnesota and stars Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman, Allison Tolman, Colin Hanks, Oliver Platt, Adam Goldberg and Kate Walsh. 

Fargo airs on FX on April 15. 

[via Indiewire]