Earlier this morning, a gas leak caused an explosion that destroyed two East Harlem buildings. Two people have been confirmed dead, and as many as 30 have been injured. East River Wine & Spirit, which is in the area, decided to show solidarity by tweeting out a link to a New York Daily News story about the incident while inviting people in to "calm [their] nerves," because they are still open.

Considering the circumstances, the tweet was not well-received:

After defending their initial tweet, the store sent out another one that was more sincere:

They didn't mean any harm, but a tragedy is never a good time to plug your business. Also, sincerity aside, whoever is managing their Twitter account didn't consider the fact that visiting the store and spending money on liquor isn't the way to cope. Drinking won't help anyone deal with the fact that a disaster happened this morning. It won't help the victims, and it won't help the families of the people who lost their lives.

[via Twitter]