We all know what remakes are. So called reboots, remakes all spruce up a fan favorites or put a fresh coat of paint on a much-loved but dated classic. But what happens when a developer “demakes” a game? Programmer Ed Fries demade Halo into an Atari 2600 version and you can play it now.

Fries is the former vice president of game publishing at Microsoft and in an effort to deconstruct the multibillion-dollar franchise Halo into its simplest parts he put some serious constraints on himself but using the same 1970s console that brought gamers Pac-Man, the Atari 2600.

Now this is nothing terribly new, Fries demade Halo back in 2009, but what is interesting is that his version of Halo is going to be added to the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s permanent collection. All 4KB of it.

Never had a go at Halo 2600? Check it out here.

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[Via Smithsonian]