Vince Gilligan’s follow-up series to Breaking BadBattle Creek, is moving along. According to Vulture, the series has found the first of its male leads, and the lucky guy is pretty much perfectDean Winters, who you may recognize as Dennis "The Beeper King" Duffy from 30 Rock (or the Allstate "Mayhem" guy, depending on your tastes) has been cast as Detective Russ Agnew in the CBS cop drama. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Battle Creek's plot involves Winters' Russ, and Milton, an FBI agent who clash over their different world views. 

Winter's Russ Agnew character is described as a “smart, tough, impatient and pragmatic guy who gets results but whom no one wants to partner with because he prefers to cut through any nonsense."

No, nonsense you say? He must not like dummies, we presume.

[via Vulture/gif via Uproxx