Bryan Cranston has done things in this world. Many things that we aren't aware of—and then the Internet happens. Back in the distant past of 1983 Cranston landed a role in an ABC soap opera called Loving. Two years later, the fruits of Loving landed him a feature in a magazine called Teen Talk .

Information about Teen Talk is scarce on the Internet. Ebay has issues that had the Beatles on the cover, but we don't need a Wikipidea or website bio to deduct that this was a magazine for teen girls to drool over hunks—like Cranston. 

Here's the intro to his feature" 

If you're a fan of ABC-TV's "Loving," you've probably fallen in love yourself—with actor Bryan Cranston. His character, drama professor Doug Donovan, is the resident good guy: sensitive, vulnerable and more than a little good-looking.

Check out the absolutely ridiculous and campy feature for "jock of all trades," teen heartthrob sensation, Bryan Cranston below:

[via Uproxx/ Images via Tumblr]