Neighborhood: Echo Park
Address: 1623 Allesandro St.

An almost undiscovered gem full of antique pinball machines, Pins and Needles has all the makings of being a supernerd’s mancave, but it’s actually the work of an awesome local costuming lady named Molly Atkinson. Atkinson opened the pinball salon in the creative space called Bedrock Studios, where artists and musicians come to rehearse, record, create, and, if they’re lucky, play with Atkinson’s awesome pinball machines. The space has odd hours—if it’s raining, the Pins and Needles blog will announce it's closed for business due to water concerns. But, when it is open, the rad space has old-school games like Mystic, Pinbot, and Laser War. It's BYOB (all the bands drink outside anyway.) Most of the games only run 25 cents to 50 cents and one of Los Angeles’ best taco trucks often parks down the street, making Pins and Needles the perfect date on the cheap. Also, who doesn’t like watching a girl lean over a pinball machine?