Neighborhood: Downtown
Address: 1038 S Hill St.

What do you get when you combine Mexican wrestling, beautiful burlesque dancers, and comedy? Lucha Va Voom. If your first date is a tatted up, exotic sexpot who idolizes Bettie Page, hold out and take her on a first date to Lucha Va Voom. While shows don’t happen all the time, when they do they are titillating demonstrations of “sexo y violencia.” In between hyper-theatrical Mexican wrestling there are glitter-pasty wearing girls dance around with hula hoops, pogo sticks, and aerial silks. Shows generally take place at the Mayan, which is hot place to go in and of itself, and prices are around $45 each, but totally worth it when she’ll be asking you to wrestle her to the ground in your brand new Luchador mask.

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