Who doesn't love fried chicken? That is the question I consistently heard while photographing crispy golden birds all over Los Angeles. This savory dish is a part of American history, and when people start comparing "the best," things get rowdy.

Even though California isn't known as a fried chicken haven—the South has had that on lock for at least a century—Los Angeles is the home of some amazing fried chicken purveyors. While rediscovering my favorite haunts and a lot of new ones along the road, I realized that the City of Angels definitely gives the south a run for its money.

Angelenos are selling our fried chicken talents too short. When I embarked on this guide, it wasn't difficult to write down at least 20 different places that I could easily recommend. Our city is abundant in seasoned, fried poultry of every kind, from Venice to the San Gabriel Valley.

If you're looking for unique flavors for every wing, breast, leg and thigh, these are the spots—many of them mom and pop—that you need to know. (You won't find Roscoe's here because that's too obvious.)

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