At Paley Fest, Dan Harmon and the cast of Community spoke about many interesting things pertaining to the series, but,none as important as the possibility of #sixseasonsandamovie. Despite the fact that the show has looked cancellation in the eyes countless times, lost two of its stars, and has fairly low ratings by network TV standards, the cast is pretty confident that they'll get the opportunity to have a sixth season.

“I think we know there’s going to be a sixth season since you guys will probably show up with pitchforks and torches," Joel McHale said in "wink" jest, and in reference to the show's fanbase. 

Harmon also speculated about what the movie would be like. 

“Tonight’s the first night I’ve ever put this much thought into what it would be,” Harmon told Variety. “Following the vibe I’m getting from everyone, it seems like the paintball direction might be the way to go. The actors – they want to do something action-oriented.”

It's funny: Yesterday the rumor mill mumbled that Fast & Furious director Justin Lin is being considered as a director for a Community movie, and a seemingly crazy, random choice this is not: Lin actually directed one of the paintball episodes, "Modern Warfare," for the show. It would make total sense to bring him back if paintball was to be the plot of the film.

Coincidence, or nah? Sound off in the comments.

[via Variety]