Flavor profile: Dry with lots of botanicals.
Why you need to drink it: You can't go wrong with a classic. 
Ingredients: Bombay Sapphire gin, house-made bianco vermouth, a dash of orange bitters, a dash of lemon bitters, and a lemon twist. 

“When you are working with gin, it all starts with the classics,” Ian explains. The cocktail menu at 15 Romolo reflects this sentiment, though it also pushes boundaries to keep things fresh and exciting. One of these menu items is the 50/50 Martini, which is—you guessed it—half gin, half vermouth. While the recipe for the 50/50 Martini is older than your great-granddad, what makes the this martini special at 15 Romolo is the fact that its sherry-based vermouth is made in-house. In keeping with the Spanish-Basque heritage of the attached guesthouse, the vermouth at 15 Romolo is based on a bone-dry sherry, which is infused with 17 to 21 botanicals (depending on the mood of the day), and sweetened with a bit of pear nectar to fortify and flavor. This concoction is topped off with a dash of orange and lemon bitters.  Describing his take on cocktails such as the 50/50 Martini, Ian explains “We have a lot of fun with it—we start with the classics and tinker with them a little bit.” Fortunately, for those who’ve tried martinis in the past and thought them too strong, this one won’t have you wobbling out of the exit—at least not the first one.