It's early, but Dominique Ansel might have another hit on his hands. 

The Cronut creator is debuting milk and cookie shots down in Austin at SXSW, but they'll make their way up to New York City in due time. Let's back up for a minute, though: Milk and cookie shots now exist. The shot glasses are made out of chocolate chip cookies; the shot is refreshing splash of milk. This is the greatest after school snack imaginable.

The bakery confirmed to Gothamist that Ansel's latest creation will be available after he wraps up in Austin. Furthermore, the bakery intends to sell them after 3 p.m. as a form of afternoon delight, and to make sure customers get a fresh batch, as Ansel explained

In the future, Ansel might consider swapping the milk out with Bailey's. He's a good idea machine.

[via Gothamist]

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