While everyone thought longtime Castlevania director Koji Igarashi would use his talk at GDC to announce a Kickstarter for a new spritual successor following news of his recent departure from Konami, his next move remains a secret. That hasn't kept Iga from speculating on what he might want to do next, though – in an interview this week with IGN, he expressed interest the possibility of helping Nintendo revive Metroid. While no deal has been discussed, it's something that Iga has a lot of interest in.

“Whether it’s possible or not comes down to the [intellectual property] holder, which in this case would be Nintendo, and whether they want to work with me, “ Igarashi said during the interview. “But, if they did want to work with me, I would love the chance of doing that.”

Given Iga's role as a longtime producer on Castlevania's modern non-linear approach to design (starting with the PS One's Symphony of the Night), it seems like he would be a good fit to bring back the sense of adventure inherent in Nintendo's classic scifi series – it is the other half of the "metroidvania" genre namesake anyway. This seems like a no-brainer. Get on that, Nintendo.

[Via IGN]

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