For decades, Marvel and DC have been battling it out for comic book supremacy every Wednesday when new books hit shelves worldwide. Now these two titans of the comic industry are bringing their competition directly to the big screen when Captain America 3 and Batman/Superman both hit theaters on the same day, May 6, 2016.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, neither movie is looking to budge from the spot yet, but with the unpredictability of blockbuster productions, it’s possible that one of these films will move for completely unrelated reasons before opening night.

Both companies have had big success on the screen in recent years, but they have never attempted to open directly against each other. In fact, this will probably do more to hurt the overall opening weekend numbers of both films rather than bolster them.

In one corner you have the ever-dependent Marvel factory, which pumps out four-quadrant blockbusters like a McDonalds pumps out Big Macs. In the other, you have DC, which is more selective and ambitious with its heavier themes and more grounded tones, but the studio is also more hit-and-miss. While there will be plenty of fans that will take sides in this showdown, remember, to the studios the fight will look more like this:

[via THR; gif via GifSoup