Garden State is to "hipsters" as Scarface is to rappers or as The Hangover is to dudebros. It is the end all, be all apex of biblical proportions. So, it's quite obvious that the soundtrack for the movie, curated by its writer, director, and star Zach Braff, is considered the best soundtracks of all time by the Garden State faithful. 

So of course, Braff's upcoming film that premiered at Sundance, Wish I Was Here—which is said to be made in the same tone as Garden State, FYI—will have a soundtrack that is also in the same tone as the 2004 drama.

The soundtrack for Wish I Was Here is set to include original, very mellow music by The Shins, Bon Iver, and a song performed by Cat Power written by Coldplay's Chris Martin

“It wasn’t ready yet for [Sundance]. It’s the title song of the movie. It’s one of the most amazing songs ever,” Braff told Entertainment Weekly of the Power/Martin track.

But, will it change our lives?

Wish I Was Here debuts in New York and Los Angeles July 18, and additional cities on July 25.

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[via Consequence of Sound]