Authorities say the alleged self-proclaimed "black Hitler" was indicted today for assaulting a prostitute and using several websites to pimp women. 

The New York Post reports that 54-year-old Manhattan resident Sherman Gamble was arrested again by police immediately after posting $80,000 bail for charges of kidnapping, assault, attempted murder and strangulation last week.

Earlier last week, Gamble was arrested for kidnapping and torturing his grandson's nanny for three days. He now faces a charge for promoting prostitution for pimping as many as five women on websites including However, his attorney says the victim from his initial arrest fabricated her attack at Gamble's hands when speaking to police.

According to the Post, Gamble's lawyer, Norman Steiner, says the woman was an alleged prostitute, adding that she made up the "black Hitler" quote and that her injuries were the result of an encounter with another man.

Furthermore, Steiner said that the woman exaggerated her claims against Gamble because he threatened to expose her to her parents in an effort to make her quit. "He’s a hard working devoted father who is trying to help this girl. She has been telling her parents that she’s a nanny," he told the Post

The woman is reportedly facing a grand larceny charge for allegedly stealing a ring and bracelet worth over $10,000 in February. This story gets darker and more complicated each week.

[via New York Post]