There are plenty of reasons that a young individual just entering the workplace should aspire to work in tech. It's a booming industry filled with endless possibilities. Computer technology has come to define a large part of our culture for the past 20 years. And, of course, it's only getting bigger. However, before entering the industry, it's also understandable that an up-and-comer might have some concerns about where the tech sector is headed, and what exactly it means to work in tech. 

Tech has come to be defined by misogyny and greed as it's gotten bigger and bigger over the years. Should we be worried that tech is a 21st century boy's club? Should we be concerned about its apparent soullessness as more and more companies look for ways to eat up our information? Certainly. But let's not allow these problems to define a whole instead of its individual parts. When that happens, we have a stereotype. 

And what exactly are The Biggest Stereotypes in Tech? Read on and see for yourself.