New details have been revealed about the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight, most surprisingly that the Arkham Knight is actually the name of the new villain created by DC Entertainment for the game. Developers say that the new Knight in town will “really challenge Batman to go head to head with him in lots of different ways.”

Arkham Knight will be next-gen only and won't be cross supported to the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 because developers are really trying to push the limits of what's been done so far. It also says that the in-game detail of the Batmobile alone would barely fit on the Xbox 360 if that was the only thing in the game. Also revealed is the return of Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy as well as guest appearances by all your favorite baddies.

Next-gen villains of Arkham Knight: Two Face, The Penguin (check the chain!) and the incomparable Harley Quinn

Arkham Knight will take place in a new central area of Gotham City which is split into three massive zones making it about five times larger than the map in Arkham City.

In a Gotham City where the Joker is dead, the crime rate may have gone down but in the power-vacuum others are rising to power. Batman will have a new spruced-up Batmobile that aims to be more like the badass gear from the recent films and there is a good chance you're going to spending a lot of game-time shooting rockets, crushing through buildings and power-ejecting to instantly switch into a fast glide. Also Batman can call the Batmobile at any time during the game and it'll roll up, armed and ready.

Check out the trailer for the new game below. Batman: Arkham Knight is rumored to drop on October 14 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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