Director: Fernando Coimbra
Stars: Milhelm Cortaz, Leandra Leal, Fabiula Nascimento

A Wolf at the Doorhits like a sledgehammer. Seriously, it's the only SXSW screening I attended this year where, once the movie ended and the credits rolled, nobody got up to leave right away. Everyone just sat there, in silence, stunned and rattled.

The debut from Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Coimbra, A Wolf at the Door, based on a true events, utilizes flashbacks and unreliable narrator testimonies to investigate the kidnapping of a 6-year-old girl. Her father suspects his young, beautiful mistress, while she claims innocence and tells of how her married lover isn't the blameless gentleman he's selling himself as.

Shades of True Detective are undeniable, with police station interrogations conjuring up some disturbing revelations and messy eyewitness accounts. Like True Detective's writer Nic Pizzolatto, Coimbra constructs A Wolf at the Door as a puzzle of clues and escalating malevolence, and when the truth finally comes out, it's, to say the least, devastating. -Matt Barone