Ever wanted to be a game tester? Don't lie, you would have crapped yourself to be a video game tester as some point in your life. Now developers Aran Koning, Herman Groenenboom and Sander Vanheste are offering much more. They are live-developing a game on Twitch right now (see below) and if you play and beat the current version of the game you get to add your own features to the next. Hell, maybe you'll even get a producers credit.

The first version of the game was just moving a dot from one corner of the screen to the other, then the user was allowed to suggest features. The first addition was a “character selection screen...I'd like to play if I were a girl.” Following version winners suggested things like “make the player feel the emotion LOVE” and “Obstacles!”

Check out the video below to watch Koning implement the game's new features apparently inspired by huge publicly played games like Twitch Plays Pokemon.

Watch live video from PleaseBeNiceGame on www.twitch.tv


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[via Kotaku]