[UPDATE] Last night developer DICE announced that it would further delay the Xbox One version as well as the PC versions. Now set for early April.

"We have decided to delay the Xbox One version of Naval Strike because we want to address issues in the animation system that hinder players from engaging targets in set circumstances using popular weapon configurations," said DICE.

Original story as follows:

Battlefield 4 Premium members on consoles can get the latest expansion to the military shooter franchise with Naval Strike out today. However the PC version has been indefinitely delayed because developer DICE “detected an issued and it needs to be solved.” It goes on to state that Naval Strike won't drop on PC until it meets “the highest quality level possible.”

Naval Strike includes four new maps, five new weapons, a pirate-style fort cannon and a hovercraft. Also included is the new Carrier Assault mode where teams attack and defend to keep the big ship afloat. Check out the release trailer below. Non-premium Battlefield 4 players will get access to the new expansion on April 8.

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[via Joystiq]