After sustaining a snake bite, an Australian man reportedly decided to enjoy a beer while waiting for help.

The Huffington Post reports that 54-year-old Rod Sommerville was bitten by a venomous eastern brown snake in his backyard in February. The Queensland native said he calmly went inside, called the ambulance, then had a beer during the wait. 

Rather then panic, he elected to deal with potential death head-on, and with the assistance of alcohol. "I said to myself, 'if I’m going to [die], I’m going to have a beer,'" he reportedly told the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin. Sommerville was given an anti-venom at a local hospital and had another scare after responding negatively to the medication, but ultimately survived the ordeal. 

Credit his survival to remaining calm, as well as his desire for a cold one.

[via The Huffington Post and Rockhampton Morning Bulletin]